Simple Observer Pattern

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// Note that this code only works with the c++11 standard
// From: (15th April 2014)
/* ========= Subject class ========= */
#include <functional>  // for std::function
#include <utility>     // for std::forward and std::move
#include <map>
#include <vector>
template <typename Event>
class Subject
  template <typename Observer>
  void registerObserver(const Event& event, Observer&& observer)
  template <typename Observer>
  void registerObserver(Event&& event, Observer&& observer)
  void notify(const Event& event) const
    for (const auto& obs : obs();
  std::map<Event, std::vector<std::function<void()>>> observers_;
/* ========= Simple Usage ========= */
int main()
  Subject<std::string> s;
  s.registerObserver("GREEN", bar);
  s.registerObserver("ORANGE", std::bind(foo, 42));
  s.registerObserver("RED", std::bind(foo, 12345));
  const std::string msg("Hello, RED!");
  s.registerObserver("RED", [&msg]{std::cout << msg << std::endl;});
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