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		A fellow RapidWeaver colleague asked my advice
		on the jQuery code required to build a Stack that would
		allow the user to drop in up to a dozen Stacks
		and only show one random Stack on each page load...
		and I do love a challenge!
		Here was my thinking on it. Each div needs to have two
		id's/classes, one that is common between them and one that
		is unique to each. For our sake here I am calling the
		common one .hideStuff and the unique ones .showStuff+
		(where "+" is 1 - 12).
	var $showStuff = new Array();// lets make an array to represent the users stuff
	var i=0;
	while (i<=11) {// you could just as easily use a for loop here
		if($('.showStuff'+i).length){// we test to see if a .showStuff+ object exists
			$showStuff[i] = $('.showStuff'+i);// we assign it an array value
	// And then you want to generate the randomness with Math
	var showRandom = Math.floor(Math.random()*$showStuff.length);
	// Hide all the divs with the common class
	// Show one of the random ones
		With a little bit of HTML you get a randomly appearing div on
		each page load... like so:
		<div class="hideStuff showStuff1">
			this is the FIRST div	
		<div class="hideStuff showStuff2">
			this is the SECOND div	
		<div class="hideStuff showStuff3">
			this is the THIRD div	
		<div class="hideStuff showStuff4">
			this is the FOURTH div	
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