Create Dynamic Ranges

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Sub CreateNames()
' written by Roger Govier, Technology4U
    Dim wb As Workbook, ws As Worksheet
    Dim lrow As Long, lcol As Long, i As Long
    Dim myName As String, Start As String
    ' set the row number where headings are held as a constant
    ' change this to the row number required if not row 1
    Const Rowno = 1
    ' set the Offset as the number of rows below Rowno, where the
    ' data begins
    Const Offset = 1
    ' set the starting column for the data, in this case 1
    ' change if the data does not start in column A
    Const Colno = 1
    On Error GoTo CreateNames_Error
    Set wb = ActiveWorkbook
    Set ws = ActiveSheet
    ' count the number of columns used in the row designated to
    ' have the header names
    lcol = ws.Cells(Rowno, 1).End(xlToRight).Column
    lrow = ws.Cells(Rows.Count, Colno).End(xlUp).Row
    Start = Cells(Rowno, Colno).Address
    wb.Names.Add Name:="lcol", _
                 RefersTo:="=COUNTA($" & Rowno & ":$" & Rowno & ")"
    wb.Names.Add Name:="lrow", _
                 RefersToR1C1:="=COUNTA(C" & Colno & ")"
    wb.Names.Add Name:="myData", RefersTo:= _
                  "=" & Start & ":INDEX($1:$65536," & "lrow," & "Lcol)"
    For i = Colno To lcol
        ' if a column header contains spaces, 
            ' replace the space with an underscore
            ' spaces are not allowed in range names.
        myName = Replace(Cells(Rowno, i).Value, " ", "_")
        If myName = "" Then
            ' if column header is blank, warn the user and 
            ' stop the macro at that point
            ' names will only be created for those cells with text in them.
            MsgBox "Missing Name in column " & i & vbCrLf _
                   & "Please Enter a Name and run macro again"
            Exit Sub
        End If
        wb.Names.Add Name:=myName, RefersToR1C1:= _
             "=R" & Rowno + Offset & "C" & i & ":INDEX(C" & i & ",lrow)"
    Next i
    On Error GoTo 0
    MsgBox "All dynamic Named ranges have been created"
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox "Error " & Err.Number & " (" & Err.Description & _
    ") in procedure CreateNames of Module Technology4U"
End Sub
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