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I wrote this version of the function test as an example for Joe Workman.
It will allow Stacks developers to test for jQuery/Mootools/js plugins/functions
prior to initiating their own version. This will save on HTTP requests and load times.
It also includes a fool proof way to include the new libraries in a RapidWeaver
file, a function I already include in most themes. It's called the
include() function. Since I make use of it already, I test for it here before
defining it again.
if(!(typeof include == 'function')){// test for include() function
	function include(script_filename) {
		document.write('<' + 'script');document.write(' language="javascript"');document.write(' type="text/javascript"');document.write(' src="' + script_filename + '">');document.write('</' + 'script' + '>');
if (typeof jQuery == 'undefined') {// test for jQuery. Change function name to suit.
	include('%assetPath%/jquery.js');// if not, we'll call it.
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