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Option Explicit
'MATCH & EXTRACT  Examples using the EXECUTE method
Public Sub Match_and_Extract_1()
    'declare a RegExp type
    Dim Reg As RegExp
    'declare other variables
    Dim strOrg As String, strMatches As Object, strMatch As Object
    Dim valid As Boolean
    'create a new RegExp object
    Set Reg = New RegExp
    'set the desired pattern to match in the RegExp object
    'Reg.Pattern = "[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9])"
    Reg.Pattern = "\d+"
    Reg.Global = True
    Reg.IgnoreCase = True
    'set string to be matched and replaced
    'strOrg = "qwerty123456uiops"
    strOrg = "1qw2er3ty4uio5ps"
    'conduct matching & extracting
     Set strMatches = Reg.Execute(strOrg)    'Use Execute method of the object
    MsgBox strMatches.Count
    For Each strMatch In strMatches
        MsgBox strMatch
End Sub
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