string pad module

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local srep = string.rep
-- all of these functions return their result and a boolean
-- to notify the caller if the string was even changed
-- pad the left side
lpad =
	function (s, l, c)
		local res = srep(c or ' ', l - #s) .. s
		return res, res ~= s
-- pad the right side
rpad =
	function (s, l, c)
		local res = s .. srep(c or ' ', l - #s)
		return res, res ~= s
-- pad on both sides (centering with left justification)
pad =
	function (s, l, c)
		c = c or ' '
		local res1, stat1 = rpad(s,    (l / 2) + #s, c) -- pad to half-length + the length of s
		local res2, stat2 = lpad(res1,  l,           c) -- right-pad our left-padded string to the full length
		return res2, stat1 or stat2
return _M
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