RapidWeaver Media Albums with prettyPhoto

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// add lightbox/prettyPhoto to albums
var sdLightboxAlbums = (function() {
// test if either album is true
if ($('.album-wrapper').length || $('.movie-thumbnail-frame').length) {
// load css (prettyPhoto)
rel: "stylesheet",
type: "text/css",
href: RwGet.pathto('css/jquery.prettyPhoto.css')
// load js (prettyPhoto)
function() {
// once script is loaded
// test if photo album is true
if ($('.album-wrapper').length) {
// get thumbnail links and alter attributes
$('.thumbnail-frame').each(function() {
var thisAnch = $('a', this);
var thisImg = $('a img', this);
var thisCap = $('.thumbnail-caption', this);
'href': thisImg.attr('src').replace(/thumb/i, 'full'),
'rel': 'prettyPhoto[gallery]',
'title': thisCap.text()
} else {
// since photo album is false movie album is true
// get thumbnails links and alter attributes
$('.movie-thumbnail-frame').each(function() {
var thisAnch = $('a', this);
var thisCap = $('.movie-thumbnail-caption', this);
var thisPage = thisAnch.attr('href');
'href': thisPage + '?iframe=true&width=75%&height=75%',
'rel': 'prettyPhoto[iframes]',
'title': thisCap.text()
// apply effects (prettyPhoto)
animation_speed: 'fast',
show_title: false,
theme: 'light_square'
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