Script Executor for skEdit

This script is tied to the Shift-command-E key and will run the script in the front most window.
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language: Python
license: Other

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#! /usr/bin/python
# - runs the text through the markdown processor
# The first line of the selected file needs to have some sort of execute statement
# -- PB User Script Info --
# %%%{PBXName=Execute Script}%%%
# %%%{PBXInput=AllText}%%%
# %%%{PBXOutput=SeparateWindow}%%%
# [email protected]}%%%		### Command-Shift-E
import os
import stat
import sys
filePath = "%%%{PBXFilePath}%%%"
## if the returned filePath is length 0
if len(filePath) == 0:
	## if you would like to write this to different path change it here
	filePath = "/tmp/skEdit_execute_tmp.txt"
	f = open( filePath, 'w' )
	f.write( """%%%{PBXAllText}%%%""" )
## At this point we have a file name
f = open(filePath, 'r')
ex =		## read the first 2 characters to check for the #!
if ex != "#!":
	print "Found '%s': File must start with a '#! <some path to exec>'" % ex
	## must set the either the real file or the tmp file to executable	
	st = os.stat(filePath)
	os.chmod(filePath, st.st_mode | stat.S_IEXEC)
	print "Successfully Executed: %s" % filePath
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Tags: skEdit-Scripts nuggit-scripts python execute

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