Brightcove - Add responsiveness on load (set player size to match the wrapper)

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/* fitVids handles half of the problem as it works consistently with the flash-based player, the API is only needed when using the SmartAPI in HTML5 view */
/* Need the following params added in the brightcove embed code:
<param name="includeAPI" value="true" /> // required
<param name="templateLoadHandler" value="onTemplateLoad" /> // required
<param name="templateReadyHandler" value="onTemplateReady" /> // not required, but can prove useful in some occasions
onTemplateReady = function(evt) {
	videoId =; /* we can not access the object element on mobile devices, so need to take it from here */
	$video = $('#' + videoId);
	if ( $video.parents('.wrapperx').length ) { // we don't necessarily need to confirm the location of the video, it was easier in the approach I took as I didn't need all the videos to become responsive
		videoWidth = $('.wrapperx .video-wrap-touch').width(); // one common wrapper for these videos, we can simply take the width of the parent element on a per-video basis for more extensibility
		videoHeight = videoWidth * 0.56; // computed according to the default 16:9 video sizes, videoHeight); // API call
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