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<div id="myExtraContent1">
	<div class="column five">
		<div class="content">
			<img src="http://www.seydesign.com/images/content/Contact_Form.png" alt="contact form icon"/>
		</div><!-- .content -->
	</div><!-- .column .five -->
	<div class="column four5ths">
		<div class="content">
			<h2>RapidWeaver Contact Form</h2><p>It’s simple but effective. This php contact form will serve most peoples need to allow their readers, clients or customers to get a hold of them, with a few criteria. Have them select from drop down menus, enter values in fields, messages in text areas, upload attachements...</p>
			<p>The built in form also allows for some text customization before and after the form itself, as well as custom thank you messages (great for adding some redirect scripts).</p>
		</div><!-- .content -->
	</div><!-- .column .four5ths -->
</div><!-- #myExtraContent -->
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