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  \caption{Algorithm for finding server indices using OFG}
    \Statex \Comment { \%comment: servers[] contains the index of servers whose         data rate are sorted in descending order\%}
    \State servers[]= index(of all servers) 
    \State serverIndex[]=servers[0..K]
    \State linearlyIndependentServerIndex[]=0
    \State $[Z] \leftarrow 0$
    \For  {$i=0$ to $serverIndex.length$} 
    \Statex\Comment{ \%comment: find the equation corresponding the serverIndex        from the mapping at the File Server\%} 
    \State        $eqn= equation(serverIndex[i])$ 
    \Statex\Comment{ \%comment: try insert equation into Z using OFG\%} 
    \EndFor end for 
    \While{ ( linearlyIndependentServerIndex.length!=K ) } 
    \Statex\Comment{\%comment: remove all the server index which were not inserted in Z\%}  
    \State temp[]=serverIndex[]-linearlyIndependentServerIndex 
    \If{  (linearlyIndependentServerIndex.length=K) }
    \State break
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