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Tibco CM Listener Java Other, rlhatcher
Scrubber Code Other Other, wjshea
Using Open Graph Without Jetpack Using Open Graph protocol without jetpack on wordpress Wordpress PHP Other, wpthemesbuilder
Emails Email regex (not fully RFC5322-compliant) RegExp Other, jer2665
Remove LI Elements From Output of wp_nav_menu remove li elements from wordpress nav menu Wordpress PHP Other, wpthemesbuilder
Magento Core: (FIX) Attributes don't sort alphabetical numerical when sort is default (0) Fix Core CE 1.6 Other Other, Tamburra
Capturing an image using UIImagePickerController and then drawing the camera overlay view on top of Objective-C Other, bendjones
Prestashop VAT global change prestashop unit price tax vat share MySQL GPL 2, plazareff
C3.js Tooltip Format Total Javascript Other, ladychris
Share Post Social Media Wordpress PHP Other, wpthemesbuilder
ROT13 Objective-C Other, powidl
ADF Utilities Class Java Other, agawish
Brightcove - Add responsiveness on load (set player size to match the wrapper) Other Other, mihai2u
stats working Other Other, Hoorayokay
NSCollectionView Finding View Items in mouseDown: Objective-C Other, MyztikJenz
WordPress Security Wordpress Security Code Snipets Wordpress PHP Other, wpthemesbuilder
rwAddLink jQuery plugin rwAddLinks rapidweaver jQuery plugin links JavaScript Other, seyDoggy
LB-Copy As Tiny URL.applescript AppleScript Other, ian.k
Flushing DNS Cache on Mac OS X Admin Mac-OS-X DNS skEdit-Scripts Other Other, damien666
Show Recent Posts 2 show recent posts 2 php PHP Other, seyDoggy

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