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name description tags language licence User
Android???????????????????????????????????????? Java Other, calimero
????????????Android SpeechRecognizer?? Java Other, calimero
Untitled Snippet Other Other, marcovista
richiamare ICO files in header Other Other, marcovista
XHTML 1.0 Strict HTML Other, millman
mysql datetime Other Other, oopfuture
metadata Other Other, oopfuture
Date Parts Other Other, sierramanagement
Dir Tree Iterator Other Other, sierramanagement
Composer Template Composer Template Other Other, sierramanagement
Format Number -- output with commas and rounded to given decimal places Example usage: amount = 1333444.1 print(format_num(amount,2)) print(format_num(amount,-2,"US$")) amount = -22333444.5634 print(format_num(amount,2,"$")) print(format_num(amount,2,"$","()")) print(format_num(amount,3,"$","NEG ")) Other Other, sierramanagement
XHTML 1.0 Strict HTML Other, saed
Adding Bundles Other Other, saed
C Starter C Other, saed
PHP Starter PHP Other, lordspy
???????/???????????? Objective-C Other, calimero
????????????????? Objective-C Other, calimero
????????????.DS_Store????? Objective-C Other, calimero
????(SpeechRecognizer) Java Other, calimero
Android?????????????? Java Other, calimero
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