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name description tags language licence User
Homework_3 Password Encyrption Clear Other Other, SurfRGeek
PHP Starter PHP Other, snakehnb
XHTML 1.0 Strict HTML Other, snakehnb
Set IP Other Other, gerardo.pellicer
sale e prezzo minimo Other Other, marcovista
Untitled Snippet Other Other, marcovista
link a chiamata skype Other Other, marcovista
array Other Other, oopfuture
XHTML 1.0 Strict HTML Other, oopfuture
MacMini i7 Boot Other Other, devjam
HTML 4.01 Strict HTML Other, devjam
Objective-C Starter Objective-C Other, devjam
Exchange Suspend Messages Other Other, devjam
TCP 10.9.2 Other Other, devjam
Fixing Service Issues When Upgrading to 10.7.3 Server Other Other, devjam
SQLITE Other Other, devjam
Exchange Log files Other Other, devjam
SUS Other Other, devjam
LDAP corrupt 10.5.8 Other Other, devjam
HTML 4.01 Transitional HTML Other, marcovista
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skEdit is a full featured html & web editor it is easy to use and it helps you create your next website quickly and easily.

  • PHP, SQL, Ruby, and more
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  • Snippets & Scripts
  • Subversion integration
And many more features....

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