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OSX boot iso by dmg file Bash Shell Other, lacmac
Remove Bad EFI USB bash Other, Chir0student
iOS Style LaunchPad bash Other, Chir0student
Add "Quit" to the Finder menu options bash Other, Chir0student
Change default view style in Finder bash Other, Chir0student
Display full posix path on Finder bar bash Other, Chir0student
Cyberduck bash Other, Chir0student
Open $TEMPDIR in Finder bash Other, Chir0student
Mavericks Install Disk bash Other, Chir0student
iPad Dock spacing for Mac bash Other, Chir0student
CRIBBS -- Cron Rsync Incremental Backup Bash Script cron rsync incremental backup bash cribbs bash Other, seyDoggy
start ushare ushare Xbox linux media server bash Other, seyDoggy
move_theme_launch move theme launch bash shell filestorm rapidweaver bash Other, seyDoggy
move_theme_exit move theme script bash shell filestorm rapidweaver bash Other, seyDoggy
rsync partial progress rsync sync backup bash Other, seyDoggy
If Theme Exists bash theme exists bash Other, seyDoggy
apt-get upgrade bash shell ubuntu apt-get upgrade bash GPL 2, seyDoggy
apt-get update bash shell ubuntu apt-get update bash GPL 2, seyDoggy
Distro release information bash shell ubuntu bash GPL 2, seyDoggy
Uninstall Apache2 bash Other, seyDoggy

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